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The Stigma of Addiction

Wednesday, 24 February 2016 by

People who face addiction also deal with the social stigma attached to having an alcohol or drug problem. Addiction is a powerful disease that changes people and often leads to a life of repeated disappointments and failed restarts. These failures are frequently visible to friends, family, and employers. As family and others watch on, often

WFMY News2 have provided an informative overview of the heroin addiction problem that has been festering for several years in the local Triad community. Featured in the segment (shown below) are patients with an opioid dependency who sought medication-assisted treatment at Alcohol and Drug Services (ADS) and who experienced relief from severe opioid withdrawal as

WXII 12 have posted a news item on the Greensboro Police Department’s decision to train 235 officers in the administration of naloxone (often known by the brand name, Narcan). Naloxone reverses the potentially deadly effects of opioid overdose and can restore breathing to overdose victims within minutes. This decision is in response to the rash